The Cure To Epoxy™

Just wanted to get this out of the way at the beginning! Clear Cure Goo is a product that will irritate your eyes if you get it in them. Do not use Clear Cure Goo for anything else but fly tying. Don’t use it on any part of your body…for any reason! If you get some on your skin, wipe it off and wash with soap and water. Some skin irritations may occur if you don’t remove it immediately. If irritation occurs discontinue use of this product.  If you get some on your clothes, you can remove most of it with lacquer thinner or fingernail polish…..before you step into sunlight. It does develop some heat when curing….keep this in mind because if you get some on your finger and the light hits it, it will get uncomfortably warm.  The Curing light is in the safe UV spectrum of light….but don’t stare into it….you wouldn’t stare at the sun would you? Anyway, don’t stare into the curing light for prolonged times as it will damage your eyesight as would any high intensity light.  These things stated, keep it safe and keep your Clear Cure Goo out of the reach of your kids, pets or anyone else that you feel should not have access to this product.
Clear Cure Goo is a one part, water clear, light cured liquid that makes tying easy with a short learning curve for even a novice tier. The Goo is a tad thicker than most epoxies but flows nicely through most natural and synthetic materials. We have added properties to the Goo that allow it to have a nice hang time…that translates into far less drip and sag than most standard epoxies. There is no mixing…just dispense from the syringe directly to the fly! No waiting for the epoxy to harden. No loss of product. Extremely fast setup time….stop the Goo in its tracks in 1.5 seconds. It will fully cure in just less than 7 seconds up to 3/16” of an inch.
There are 2 versions of Goo. The THIN Clear Cure Goo is very close to most 5 min epoxies in viscosity. The Clear Cure Goo 2.0 (thicker version) is the trick for thick build-up in the use of flies like Surf Candies, M.O.E.’s and makes spoon flies easy. The Curing light is a AAA powered multi-L.E.D. Its shape allows for convenient use near your tying station.  Its bandwidth is in the visible light range…Again

Your Clear Cure Goo (CCG) syringe comes packaged with a shipping cap that twist off for removal. There will be a non-sharpened syringe needle in the package as well. This part should be installed at the same time you remove the shipping cap and it also twists on and seats itself…just tighten until it is snug. There is a small red cap on the needle to keep the tip clean and free of clogs. Just remove it to dispense the Goo and place it back after your tying session is over.

Clear Cure Goo is light curing….you can’t place it in direct sunlight or it will harden. Given time under florescent lighting the CCG will start to thicken, but that’s quite a while for this to happen. Incandescent lighting has no effect on CCG.
Your Clear Cure Goo curing light uses three (3) AA A Batteries. The 21 L.E.D.’s use a specific light spectrum to cure the CCG fast, but as the batteries power fades, so does the speed of the cure. In most of my testing, the light keeps its most effective curing power for approximately 5 syringes. You can also use the newer rechargeable batteries in the lights saving money and keeping some batteries out of the landfills..GO GREEN!
Clear Cure Goo has additives that allow its movement to slow once dispensed aiding consistent flow and leveling of the CCG on your fly. This makes Clear Cure Goo very manageable with less drips and easy controllability. These additives also give the Goo a cloudy look to it that disappears to water clear on cure.
You’ll have virtually no wasted product. You only dispense out of the syringe what you need directly to the fly….no mixing 2-parts and toothpicking it to the fly from where you mixed it. And if you applied more than what you wanted to the fly…a little pressure to the back of the syringe plunger will create a bit of suction and just siphon the Goo back into the syringe.
Clear Cure Goo (CCG) allows building on layers as you go with no worries of the next layer not bonding to the first….even a few days after that application. This would allow you to build one part on a bunch of flies and come back and finish later with no worries of secondary bonding. Clear Cure Goo when used in some of the translucent materials will cure through them so you can build a really durable fly.  It does require however that the curing light must shine on the Goo….if the light can’t shine on it…it won’t harden….at all.
Clear Cure Goo, once cured has a bit of stickiness left…this is for the purpose of secondary bonding. Some may not like this and on some materials like feathers, soft synthetics, it will stick to these a bit. It’s easy to fix. Just add one step in your tying and coat the CCG with a clear fingernail polish after it is cured….set aside to dry and that’s it, finished.  There is no need to wipe the CCG with alcohol or fingernail polish remover before you apply nail polish. I’ve been using the Sally Hanson’s Hard as Nails.

Some people may even be able to skip this step completely. Some places in the USA have been able to take the flies outside once hardened with your curing light and the sunlight makes the Goo non tacky at all.

I believe you’ll really like the Goo. One of the guys that first tested the Goo for me that had been using epoxy for a long time sent me an e-mail after he had tied using it for the first time stated this….”I will never use Epoxy again”.. and he hasn’t since.